Welcome Bogan '64 and January '65 Alumni

If you are a graduate from Bogan High School's early years, please visit this site often. This is a place to have fun, connect with old friends, and reminisce about the “the best years of our lives.”

Goodbye lunch for Wayne Babor.  See Photo Gallery

Lunch celebration with Coach Frank Slonina.  See Photo Gallery
Lunch celebration with Coach Ruzycki!  See Photo Gallery
Celebrating our 72nd Birthday at Maggiano's!  See Photo Gallery

New pictures from Pat (Butkus) Barnett!  See Photo Gallery.

Christmas - 2017 from Carol (Thieme) Bruhn. See Photo Gallery

Photos from Ed Price - August 2017 Total Eclipse.  See Photo Gallery

Our 71st Birthday Celebration at Maggiano's, Naperville.  Pictures and memories in our Photo Gallery.

Bucca Di Beppo!  Lunch get-together in the Pope Room.  See photo's and review in Photo Gallery.

Kay Chibucas' 70th Birthday Jump!  See Photo Gallery!

Mike & Gail (Lubeckis) Kelly's 50th Wedding Anniversary.  See News & Events

Barb Cosich Vanerio & Rich Kieffer Engagement.  See News & Events

Eileen Schapen Sauser Engagement News!  See News & Events
Bengal Sightings, Photos & Miscellaneous Stuff.  See Photo Gallery!

2017 Holiday Letters.  See News & Events.
Our 70th Birthday aboard the Mystic Blue!  See lots of pictures in our Photo Gallery.
See Jan Benson Greco's beautiful new Florida house.
See Photo Gallery for Marc Meyers & Friends both at Wrigley Field and at Sox Park.
See Marc Meyers Vacation Photos 
See 2015 Holiday Letters

See Photo Gallery for June 5th, Vito & Nicks - Meet for a Drink & Pizza night. 
See new information for Jim Davis under Alumni Directory. 

See Photo Gallery for first  50th Reunion photographs!!  Keep them coming! 
Click here for the latest.  Bogan '64 and Jan '65 50th Reunion


Retirement information from Pat Butkus Barnett.

New bio information from Laura Feeley CollachiaCarol Thieme BruhnLinda Thurow HallbergJerry Kobierecki, and Marilyn Yasillo Clemens.

See vacation news and photos from Sue Iorio Hofer

Nancy Carrick's letter & photos of husband, Fred Carrick.


2013 Holiday Letters

New information from James OkerJoAnn Tittle ServedioRichard Buck and Gregg Byers

We have so many new bio's and photos! Just click on name to get to their page... Jerry & Mary Rose (Fezzuoglio) Pazdan, Rich LaRocco, Fred VogelPat Butkus Barnett,  John Cochonour, Ed CliffordRon Lilke, Thomas Patti, Ed Price, Marilyn Durante Bill, Jan Miceli Dreyer and Nancy Pavel Stringer in the Alumni Directory.  

Lunch at Gloria Del Barba Derdzinski on the Kankakee River.  See Photo Gallery.

See Kathy Berecek holding a real live Panda bear! Go to Tiger Tidbits to read all about her recent China tour.

See May 10th, Meet for a Drink Night photos!  Go to Tiger Tidbits.

Jan Benson Greco and family have purchased yet another home.  See story & pics at Tiger Tidbits.

See Photo Gallery for photos of recent Alumni lunch get togethers and our "Get Together for a Drink" night.

See Directory for updated photo and bio for Alice Anderson.

See Tiger Tidbits for Bogan Military Draftees Reunion (from Rich Gregory)

See Rich Gregory's Dreaded Christmas Letter (his words, not ours) and Photo Card for 2012.

Lunch with Mr. Ryan!  Go to Photo Gallery.

Go to Tiger Tidbits for a picture of the "Poker Pals".   

Go to Tiger Tidbits for 2012 Christmas Cards & Letters. (Christmas Photos too!) 

See new photo of Sue Iorio Hofer and Granddaughter, Penny 

Click on Photo Gallery for photo of Pat Butkus Barnett and Beth Bruns Buehlman

See updated bio for Yvonne Kampf Kolling 

Bill Trujillo updates Biography and adds great photos See Bill Trujillo

See some "gloating" and retirement news from Ed Price

Funny golf story from Marc Meyers.  See Tiger Tidbits.

Christmas 2011 letter from Pat Butkus! 

Jan Benson Greco's trip down memory lane....(& Lover's Lane!)  Go to Tiger Tidbits.

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News from Jackie Fasano Bartolini.  Also see Tiger Tidbits.

The Greco's (Jan Benson Greco) retire to Alabama!!  See their new home and retirement letter in Tiger Tidbits.

New picture of Barb Cosich Vanerio & family!

Welcome home to Mary Konvalinka Burgess' Grandson.  See Photo Gallery.

See Tiger Tidbits for 2010 Photo & Christmas Letter from Rich Gregory.   

See 2010 Photo/Christmas card from Mike & Gail (Lubeckis) Kelly and their trip to Disney World!  Also see Tiger Tidbits.

Retirement news and new contact information for Diane (Tober) Allard-Smith. See Tiger Tidbits.

New "Vacation/Future Retirement Home" for Yvonne (Kampf) & Mike Kolling.  See Tiger Tidbits.

Pat Butkus Barnett's 2010 Xmas Letter and Family Photo.  See Tiger Tidbits and Alumni Directory.

Updated information for:
Alice Anderson, Jan Meps Schenning, Irving Anellis, Carol Laumann Piotrowicz, Cheryl Silverman,  Vicky Michna Kramer,

STEVENSON GRADUATES meet for pizza at Nick & Vito's and then take a nostalgic tour of Adlai E. Stevenson Elementary School.   

See Jan Benson Greco's 2009 Christmas Letter

More 2009 REUNION PICTURES!... from Carol Laumann Piotrowicz in Photo Gallery 

See our newest addition to the Alumni Directory - Click on Cheryl Silverman and see her biography and the fascinating career she's had for the last 45 years!   

2009 REUNION PICTURES - click on Barb Cosich Vanerio in Photo Gallery 

2009 REUNION PICS - Go to Photo Gallery from Mary (Konvalinka) Burgess

Click here for Kathy Berecek's 2009 Reunion Pictures  

2009 REUNION PICTURES!!.....Please see Mike Rozovics pictures from our September 11th reunion.  Go to Photo Gallery - Mike Rosovics 2009 Reunion Pictures.  More pictures to come!!

- Loyola Article on Kathy (Kull) Stone.  Congratulations Kathy! Your fellow Boganites are very proud of you! 

- See pictures of Karen Frazer/Ernie Neely's wedding. 

- Barb & John Vanerio (Cosich) latest cruise picture.  See Photo Gallery

- Highlights & pics of Sue & George Sokol's annual trip to Carmel to the Gilroy Garlic Festival.  See Tiger Tidbits.

- See Directory for new biography & pics from Mary Konvalinka Burgess.

- Congratulations!!!....to Jan Benson Greco on her retirement.  See Tiger Tidbits.

- See new pix & newsletter from Pat Butkus Barnett in Photo Gallery

- See new picture - Dave Braje & Daughter, in Photo Gallery.
- See Marc Meyers' pix & e-mail about recent golf trip w/Desormey, Scarpelli & Gersch.
- See new Christmas pix of Carol Laumann Piotrowicz & Family.

- See article that appeared in the Chicago Sun Times covering the 60th Birthday party for Karon White and also some news from Karon about another mini reunion at the Flame restaurant. See Tiger Tidbits

- Congratulations to Carol Laumann Piotrowicz on the birth of her new grandaughter. See Tiger Tidbits in News/Upcoming Events.
- Mini reunion of Susan Iorio Hofer, Jackie Fasano Bartolini & Karen White Gibson. See Tiger Tidbits in News/Upcoming Events.

- Please check out the Photo Gallery for new pictures from Barb Cosich Vanerio and from Carol Laumann Piotrowicz!

- There will be a Celebration of Life get together honoring Janet Tetrev Spalla hosted by John Spalla, in the Chicago area as follows: Friday, August 11, 7-10 p.m., Old Barn Restaurant, 8100 S. Parkside, Burbank. Refreshments will be served.

- Our sincerest condolences to Jackie Fasano Bartolini on the passing of her husband, Gino, this past March. Jackie and Gino were married 41 years.
- We are so sorry to announce that our classmate and friend, Janet Tetrev Spalla passed away on June 11th. Recent pictures of Janet and husband, John's visit to Pam Hawkins Peplow's house in Sarasota (See News)
- See recent family photo of Pat Butkus Barnett. (See Photo Gallery). Pam Hawkins Peplow sent us a picture of her & her husband on a recent Harley trip.
- Vacation News and pix from Yvonne Kampf Kolling - Tiger Tidbits
- See the newest additions to the Photo Gallery! Mini reunion picture from Pam Hawkins Peplow as well as some World Series Memories from Mike Rozovics
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- "Tiger Tidbits": Visit this site and read the "Sixties Birthday Poem" sent to us by Frieda Quattrochi Cashman, 2005 World Series Memories from Mike Rozovics, some travel news from Pat Butkus Barnett, and Joe LaMantia's Collaborative Sculptures

- In Memoriam: We sadly have some names to add to this list....Bob Urbauer (6/29/98), Darlene Muscia Daviduke (7/30/01) and Clarice (Cookie) Dziobas (2006 - exact date not known).
- Check out "Tiger Tidbits" in the News/Upcoming Events section and for a review of the September 10th Reunion Picnic! and we've posted additional Picnic pictures so be sure to check out the Photo Gallery If anyone has more pictures please email them to Bogan40Reunion@aol.com.

- Check out "Tiger Tidbits" in the News/Upcoming Events section! Please send in any news items you'd like to share with us. Anything from new grandchildren to vacation plans to business ventures, etc. Let us know what's going on in your lives. Pictures are welcome too.
- New reunion pics from Sandy Taylor....see Photo Gallery. New alumni bio's added! Frieda (Quattrochi) Cashman & Eileen (Schapen) Sauser. See Alumni Directory.