Stevenson Tour by Jan Benson Greco

Our May 27th 2010 visit to Adlai E. Stevenson school on 80th & Kostner was absolutely the best!  Everyone at Stevenson was so kind and forthright with information and allowing us to see, not only the building, but also what the student body is doing.   

Our day began at 12:30 P.M. at Vito & Nick's Pizza.  Twelve people were in attendance and, as usual, the food was fabulous!  The wait staff couldn't have been nicer and kept our glasses filled and the food was delivered hot and tasty!  Before we knew what had happened, it was already 2:15 P.M. and we were supposed to be at STEVENSON!!!!  Vern Scarpelli left in a rush and went to Stevenson to tell them we were on our way.  We paid the bill and were on our way in a few minutes. 

Then, it was on to Stevenson to see a school that even over 50 years old, looks clean and neat and is extremely well taken care of.    The principal, Karen Kowalski, met us at the entrance door and gave us carte blanche to tour the building and go wherever we chose.  We went from the second floor to the memorable basement lunchroom.  We opened lockers and reminisced about our yesteryears there and the staff we all remembered fondly.  After about a half hour of touring, we met again, by the gymnasium and were introduced to the choir director and the pom squad coach. Each sponsor's group performed for us in the gymnasium. We were quite impressed with the quality of their performances.  The students were very friendly and made us feel right at home.    

After the performances, the principal asked Vern Scarpelli to speak at the graduation ceremony and present our gift of the American flag. The graduation takes place at Bogan High School Auditorium on June 14, 2010, which happens to be Flag Day.   It was a really enjoyable afternoon for all of us attending.  The attendees all made donations and we presented the principal with a new 6 x 12 foot American flag to fly outside of the school since the one they presently fly is 50 years old!!   Several of the twelve attendees did not attend Stevenson, and they went to see the school they had attended - Owen School.  From reports, they also were treated like Kings and Queens and had a very pleasant tour of their facility as well.  50 years just seemed to melt away for that afternoon - a great time was had by all!!!!!  

In attendance were: Yvonne Kampf Kolling, Vicki Michna, Vern Scarpelli, Marc Meyers, David Hager (and wife Kathy), Mike Kelly, Gail Lubeckis Kelly, Jim Josepher, Eileen Schapen Sauser, Karon White, Jan Benson Greco