Golf Story by Marc Meyers

Here's a story from a dedicated and die-hard golfer:

Vern Scarpelli and I went golfing at Cog Hill on December 16th (2011).  It was just 34 degrees, but it was sunny and not very windy.  Around the 5th hole I got out of the cart to choose a club. I didn't see a post sticking out of the ground and tripped over it.

Unfortunately, I couldn't stop my fall and rolled over on my previously operated-on left shoulder.  Vern helped me up and we decided to play on as this surely would be the last day we'd play until Spring.  Eventually, I had to go to see my surgeon as the pain did not subside, but luckily the X-Rays indicated that I only had a strained AC Joint which should heal in 4-6 weeks.  Getting old sucks....but it does beat the alternative!