Bogan Military Draftees Reunion


Rich Gregory, Tom Zordani, Jack Burke and Rich Holmberg

  Greeting, The President of The United States, your friends and family have selected  --- these friends and family we offer this update.

In memory --- Tony Konkol, Ben Weichert
A.W.O.l. from reunion Len Paoletti
Tony Konkol and Len Paoletti also served in Republic of Viet Nam

Status;  All sent to Ft. Polk, LA & trransfered to Ft. Hood, TX. 1st Armorend Division (C4/3)

Rich Holmberg - Served in 2 Corp., 1st Calvary, Republic of Viet Nam
2 years active duty, 4 years reserves
Retired from Commonwealth Edison
Resides in Orland Park, IL

Jack Burke - Served in 2 Corp, Tuy Hoa, Republic of Vietnam
2 years active duty, 4 years reserve
Retired from State of Illinois - Chief Engineer
Resides in Palos Heights, IL

Tom Zordani - Served in Ft. Hood, TX.
2 years active duty, 4 years reserve, Signal Corp.
Retired Master Electrician
Resides in Tinley Park, IL

Rich Gregory - Served in 25th Infantry Division, 3 Corp. Republic of Viet Nam
2 years active duty, 9 years reserve
Retired from Johnson Controls, Continental Can & "retired" from U.S. Army
Reside in Overland Park, KS

Little known facts
Fact - No Bogan graduates drafted on 1/7/66 from 64 - 65 classes were killed in Viet Nam
Fact - All 4 men in picture, all living with their 1st wife, total of 10 kids
Fact -  2 of the 4 men volunteered for combat duty in Viet Nam
Fact - Tom Zordani was awarded a Good Conduct Medal (despite Bogan activities)
Fact - No Draft Dodgers in this picture
Fact - all are proud of their calling, from President, family and friends
Suspect - multiple Army Commendation Medals (ACM) et. al. medals earned

Ask anyone to discuss, Sgt. Seals, Capt. Ralph D. Cordell (KIA), the term "U.S."sunk howitzers, malts hidden in shelter halves, Murphy's Truck,

We seek additional contacts for individuals drafted on 1/7/66 -send info to ROG12911@AOL.COM.

Thank you in advance