Kathy Berecek's China Tour


 I was in China for nothing else but a tour!; maybe the first pure vacation (no work involved) that I've ever taken!  This pic was taken at the great panda preserve in Chengdu, China.  Big boy was 6mo old and >50lbs and happily chewing on honey laced bamboo.  I still can't believe I had a chance to do this!!!  The tour was an incredible experience, not necessarily "a vacation".  It was like going to a physical "boot-camp" since you have to climb up and down a gazillion stairs to get to the monuments!  I, seriously, feel fitter and stronger than I have felt in a long time?!  Also, if you want to lose weight... go to China.  I ate 3 squares (literally banquets)/day and lost 4 lbs?!  Some of it was the stairs, some of it was the cuisine and some of it was continuously using chopsticks!  Maybe these implements could be a cure for obesity.  You can't prepare big slabs of food and you can only take so much food in.  I think one becomes weary of trying to take in little bits of food and just stops trying; hence, stops eating.  It was a trip of a lifetime!  Some people have travel bucket lists, I have a touching/petting one, you know diving with sharks and dolphins, holding/ petting koalas, kangaroos and now a real panda bear!  My next goal is the Galapagos for the turtles!!