Kathy Kull Stone's "Bogan Slogan" Reunion Poem


Click on the link below to see the You Tube video with Kathy's illustrated poem set to music!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GXtwCYyqZWQ 




Tried to find a few words, attempted to condense,

50 Golden Bogan years, in a meaningful sentence.

Mid Cuban missile threat, we shared a nuclear fear.

Numbing grief for our President, the Vietnam draft too near.


As teens we saw racial tension unravel,

Yet from Toby’s to Ken’s in innocence we’d travel.

The Mistletoe Madness melted adolescent sadness.

The New Bogan High Boomers, rockin’ in gladness.


Life was a spring festival with “Let There Be Song.”

With Bengal Lancer news, life never could go wrong.

Mighty Bengals jammed to Beach Boys, Dave Clark Five.

Beatles fueled us “Go Get ‘Em” Grads of  ’64-’65.


Girls’ swimsuit flashbacks, orange pom poms, bubble hair.

Boys’ Blue Div. Football Champs….swim so hard to bare!

First Homecoming Dance, Girl’s Chorus, Bengal Band,

Cars cruising 79th Street….Guys & Chicks hand in hand.


Magero, Brown, Stack, Osterhart, teachers always trying’.

But none more revered than our dear Mr. Ryan!

Stan’s flowers adorn our Stairway to Heaven prom.

Warren Dunes, Graduation, Boomer visions beyond.


Who would have imagined fifty years gone by?

Marriage, children, grandkids, how careers do fly!

Yet we “Go Get ‘Em” go-getters, as we turn the page,

Will write Boomers Often Go Ahead Next

…..as the slogan for our age!


                                                Kathleen Kull Stone