Bucca Di Beppo Luncheon

Here's Jan's description of the event!

October 11, 2017 was the date...Bucca di Beppo Restaurant in OakBrook, Illinois was the place...the "Pope's Room" was the setting...and Bengals were the stars of a fun, delicious, and too quickly to pass, lunch. In attendance were such notables as THE POPE, Carol Laumann Piotrowicz and her husband, Ron, Gloria Del Barba Derdzinski, Ann Allen Jusack, Gail Lubeckis Kelly and Mike, Jann Meps Schenning, Greg Griffin, Sue Stolar Polivka, Lynn Cascio Kalebich, Marc Meyers, Jan Benson Greco AND.... Sister Kay Chibucos (who after learning how to sky dive finally decided that joining the convent was definitely safer!). The time flew by and before any of us knew it, we were about to be served dinner since we had sat in the same spots for over 3-1/2 hours. Bengals can always find so much to talk about and, actually, it feels like we were never apart no matter what the interval is between get togethers.

Whenever you mention to 'outsiders' that you are going to any activity with the high school crowd, you may get strange looks. But, not a Bengal you can name feels like any time has really past since 1964-65 and that catching up is one of the best things we have to look forward to. No matter the setting, the date, the time, or even the weather (better late than never!), BENGALS connect and enjoy every minute of it.