Lunch with Coach Ruzycki


On Tuesday, August 14, thanks to the planning and efforts of Vern Scarpelli, an idea that had been "kicked around" since the 50th reunion finally took shape.  Eleven Bogan alumnae met with the man they have respected for the past 54 years.  The gentlemen pictured surround Coach Len Ruzycki who coached basketball and baseball.  He briefly assisted on the football coaching staff during his tenure at Bogan from 1962 through June 1967.

Aside from the full group with Coach Ruzycki, the starting 5 from his 1964 Conference champion basketball team are also featured.  Another photo features Coach with his baseball players.  It was an engaging, special afternoon and a time that, everyone agreed, will be cherished.  


                       Coach Len Ruzycki

L-R   Jack Josepher, Jim Griffin, Fred Broda, Jim Josepher, Coach Len Ruzycki,
         Mike Kelly, Dave Prokop, Dave Hager, Don Nielson, Greg Griffin, Vern Scarpelli
         and Ed Vock.

L-R  Jack Josepher, Fred Broad, Coach Len Ruzycki, Ed Vock, Vern Scarpelli and Dave Hager.

L-R  Jim Griffin, Don Nielson, Coach Len Ruzycki, Mike Kelly, Greg Griffin and Dave Hager.

L-R  Jim Griffin, Coach Len Ruzycki and Jim Josepher

L-R Jack Josepher, Jim Griffin, Jim Josepher, Fred Broda, Coach Len Ruzycki, Mike Kelly,
Dave Prokop, Don Nielson, Dave Hager, Greg Griffin, Vern Scarpelli, Ed Vock.