Sue Iorio 50th Wedding Anniversary


Karl & I celebrated our 50th Anniversary by taking a 15 day Celebrity TransAtlantic cruise from London to Ft. Lauderdale.  This cruise was advertised as "Boston, Broadway and Bermuda".  Having never been to London, NYC or Bermuda, it gave us an opportunity to check these off our bucket list.  
We arrived 2 days early in London and checked in at the Grosvenor Hotel as our base of operations.  Unfortunately for us, everyone else had the same idea and every attraction was jammed with tourists.  Not something we expected in November.  Guess we will just have to go back another time. 
The scheduled stop in Boston was great so we could visit with our daughter and our only grandchild.  Boston was our first stop after 7 days at sea so we were happy to be able to use their washer and dryer!
There was an overnight stop in Bermuda which gave us an opportunity to explore the island.  Another sea day and ended the cruise in Fort Lauderdale where we stayed for a few days before heading home just in time for Thanksgiving.
Looking forward to the next reunion.
Susan Hofer