Tober, Diane (Allard-Smith)*

855 Ronda Mendoza Unit A
Laguna Woods, CA 92637
949 340 0630.


Hello All!

First let me apologize to those of you I have not been in contact with lately and then to those I have been, and will get repeat information. Just simply running out of time to address you separately, which would be my preference, so please bear with me.

I officially retired on 6/30, after hearing that Delta was going to cut my base salary by 12% effective 7/1. It's something I have been thinking about for quite some time, so I jumped on the early out package. I will be paid with full health benefits until the end of the year. After that, will find a part-time job with zero stress, I hope.

In the meantime, I found a co-op in a 55+ community on a short sale that I had to act on immediately. I became a home owner on 6/29. It's a 2 bdrm, 2 bath, completely renovated place, about the same size as my apartment now. Would have liked a slightly bigger place, but it's just me, so it works. The community is really nice, with beautiful landscaping, lots of flowers, and tons to do if one chooses. It's gated, has 7 club houses, 5 pools, 2 golf courses, and has availability to every hobby anyone could possibly be interested in. You can even rent a piece of land to plant a garden!

I love the area. It's very close to Laguna Beach, Newport Beach, and the ocean, great restaurants, and lots of hiking trails. I'm about halfway between LAX and San Diego, with John Wayne Airport about 10 mins away.

 I would not recommend retiring and moving at the same time, as I am going completely bonkers and not able to relish in my retirement until the move is complete. Got a great deal on the co-op, so had to move quickly. My 1st order of business is to take up golf. There are 3 pros on the property who give lessons. For my Scrabble buddies, they play every Monday. I can play bridge all day every day, it appears. Life after Delta will be good!



"Retired" from Pan Am after 23 years of service when they folded in 1991.  Celebrated 12 years with Northwest Airlines in September as Manager Customer Service.  Have moved from Chicago to New York to Chicago to Minneapolis to Cedar Rapids to LA to San Francisco and back to LA.  Am now a confirmed California girl and hope to be able to retire here.  Divorced, no kids, no pets.  Love to travel, play games (especially cards and Scrabble), do crossword puzzles, and watch pro football.  Will always be a Bear, Cubbie and White Sox fan.