Silverman, Cheryl*

57 Minami Enoki-cho, #103
Tokyo 162-0852 Japan

Note from Yvonne (Kampf) Kolling......Cheryl was one of my best friends while at Stevenson and Bogan.  Then after highschool we lost touch.  This past spring (2009) Cheryl ran across the Bogan website and contacted us through the website.  I was thrilled to hear from her and even more so when I read what she had been up to for the last 45 years.  The following is what she wrote to me:

"I studied Japanese and went to Japan to do research in cultural anthropolgy.  Did not intend to stay, but was having a good time and after finishing the doctorate started working for a Japanese company in Tokyo.  Do you remember Reagan's visit to japan in 1989?  The company I worked for brought Ron and Nancy to Japan, and I was assigned to coordinate that.  It was the so-called "bubble period" when the Japanese yen was strong and everyone here started eating Godiva chocolates and wearing Gucci bags.  The New York Times accused Japan of "buying a US president."  I know that the figure the Times quoted was incorrect, but the visit was nevertheless lavish and audacious.  And it was incredible to be involved in it.  In the many years of working with this Japanese media organization, I had quite a few other extraordinary experiences.  I traveled with Alvin Toffler for two Japanese publications and broadcasts - we went to Russia, China, Turkey, Malaysia, Singapore, Kazakhstan, Ukraine.  I also worked for 15 years on contract negotiations and logistics for Japan tours of Cirque du Soleil, and planned and coordinated art exhibitions in  Tokyo from MoMA, the Guggenheim Museum, the Dali Museum.  I left the company recently and am now writing a book.  I told the publisher it would be read in September and if things run according to schedule, who knows, I might be able to reward myself with a trip to Chicago for the runion....In any case, look forward to being in touch and to seeing everyone sometime soon.  Cheers!"