Price, Ed*

726 Elm Avenue
Chula Vista, CA 91910-5915

June 2013

I have finally negotiated the big transition into retirement , and I have found, much to my delight, that I am capable of limit-less, guilt-free lassitude!  I recently moved once again, from El Cajon to Chula Vista, in my never-ending quest to live in the best climate imaginable (think the mirror-image of Chicago, without snow or mosquitos).  In 2012, Joan and I completed a month-long around-the-country RV trip (although we stayed in the Chicago area only 3 days).  My hope is to repeat this for the 50th Reunion, taking even more time and again, keeping to the "blue highways" as much as possible.

My other activities are centered on my slow-moving 1961 Amphicar restoration project and my interest in ham radio (WB6WSN, although I'm more interested in experimentation than "rag chewing").  I'm also getting interested in microcomputers like the PICAXE and Arduino; it's nice to have the time to play with whatever toys catch your interest.

December 2011 

I wouldn't say that I'm generating any news on my end, although I am going through some new experiences.  I finally decided that the time had come for me to pull the plug on my employment and join the ranks of the old geezers.  Not only have I voluntarily sought out my biggest pay reduction ever, I have also switched to suspenders to better emphasize my high-water pants.

Today, I met the Federal Bureaucracy, as they have managed to mess up my commencement of Medicare B.  I had to file a form to shut off Part B, but I will have to return immediately after the 1st to file another form to turn it on again.  Yep, that makes sense.

By the way, in compliance with an obscure California law, I, as an ex-Midwesterner, have to report today's high temperature (but only during Winter) to any other Midwesterners that I might communicate with.  Ok.... the El Cajon high on Christmas day was +81 degrees F, with no measurable snow.

Ed Price
El Cajon, CA