Patti, Thomas*









June 2013


Hello Class of '64-'65....Just when you thought you are safe I am back!!!!


To start I wish to say I remember you all, the memories and camaraderie, all the times of our lives....I love you all.  I am looking forward to the 50th Reunion with great anticipation.  I cannot count the number of times I told Ken Morrow "I'll be there" for previous reunions only to be a no show, my apologies.


So what did I do on my life's journey after Bogan?  Glad you asked.  I still have my hair, my teeth, humor, and my ability to destroy the English language, as you will note.


Married twice, once wasn't enough, thus I meet Chris in 1995, married 1996 after six years of freedom.  I have three; David, Michael, and Julie.  Chris has two; Ryan and Matt.  Currently five grandkids with three more in the oven.  The stork is warming his wings on one.  Our kids are doing well being successful in their journeys.  My three are in the Plainfield area, Chris has one in Elgin with the other in Chicago near downtown.


After Bogan came Chicago Academy of Fine Arts, majored in interior design with a fine arts minor.  With some of Mom and Dad's help I put myself through school working fulltime, studies fulltime.  They never promised it would be easy.  After an architectural stint and design director for a firm in Schaumburg I went into insurance with my two crazy brothers, Prudential survives to this day.  After twenty years with various stints in management I went on my own and kept that until my move to Phoenix in 2000.  During my travels which ended in 2010 I held various high end sales, management, and executive positions.  Though life provided ups and downs I was never out and finished well respected in the industry until bye, bye.


I still love my boxing as my number one spectator sport, followed by golf, football.  Been known to race my boats on Lake Tippecanoe a time or two as well on Apache Lake here in Arizona.  After many muscle achs, bruises, and strains I mastered a professional slalom ski that is legendary on Lake Tippy called The Black Widow....and other choice names.  For activities still like golf and Tennessee Walkers, looking forward in picking up photography and painting once again.  


I am happy sitting in front of this gadget getting fat not knowing what I am doing.  For enjoyment I just finished a book my kids asked for about our family history and legendary characters.....Bogan took a good chunk of my writings, golden.  I started to do research in the political arena and the investment world years back and have accomplished that well.  A good book and a glass of wine is a nice finish to any day or sunset. 


One last thing, Mr Ryan and Mr McGee......THANK YOU.


So, if you want me just email I am on here a lot.  Done, I got through this without swearing once.