Neely, Ernie & Karen (Fraser)*

1 Heatherwood Ct.

Indian Head Park, IL  60525 (Ernie)


Ernest R. Neely and Karen Virginia Fraser got married on April 6, 2004… 40 years to the day after they broke up and Ernie went into the Air Force.  During their 40 year separation, they each married other people; Ernie has three sons and Ginny (as Ernie has always called her) has a son and a daughter.  They reconnected in 2000 and discovered they were each single again and still felt that lovin feeling!  They had a beautiful wedding ceremony with their parents and children present.  The minister used the Bible that Ginny had given Ernie 40 years earlier when he went into the Air Force; it's the same Bible that he used when he served in Viet Nam and for many years after.  They are so happy and thankful that God has given them a second chance at happiness together!