Konvalinka, Mary (Burgess)*


I have been living in Dixon, Illinois since 1978.  My three children, who are now 40, 37, and 33, live near by.  I have eight (!) grandchildren ages 19 months to 23 years old.  I hope the oldest waits a while to have children.  I'm not ready to be a great grandmother just yet.

In 1984 I began my career with the Illinois Department of Corrections as a Correctional Officer in a medium/maximum prison.  I was able to retire early in 2002

I enjoy spending my time with my grandchildren, family and friends.  I also love fishing!  And I'm good at it too...my boyfriend will admit to that!


 Mary and Friend    

 Mary's Daughter,
Granddaughter (Bride),
and Grandsons

    Mary's Son, and Granddaughters

 Mary, Granddaughter & Daughter


Mary's grandson, Ed ...home safe and sound!  I'm so proud of him and the rest of our troops.  God bless all of them.