Griffin, Greg*

12600 Sedgwick Dr.
Palos Pak, IL  60464

It's hard to believe that 40 years have gone by since graduation from high school.  After Bogan I went to the University of Illinois in Champaign and graduated in 1969.  After college I worked for Uniroyal at the Joliet Army Ammunition Plant for two years.  During that time I also went to Grad school and got an MBA from Loyola.  I taught school for about a half year in the inner city and that was a really enjoyable experience.


Late in 1971 I went to work for M&M/Mars, and spent the rest of my work career with that company.  I got married in 1972 and Pat and I now have two grown children, Kelly and Sean.


In late 1986 Mars acquired Dove, the ice cream bar company, and I became Vice-President of Manufacturing for Dove.  Later I got to work for the CEO of M&M/Mars and that was a great job but it entailed a lot of travel.  Pat and I were in New York the weekend before 9/11.  she went back to Chicago on Sunday and two days later the world changed.  We probably have some of the last pictures taken of the world trade center while it was still standing.  I had been contemplating retirement and after 9/11 felt it would be a good time to leave.


I retired at the end of November 2001.  I do some volunteer work for a couple of charitable organizations and have plenty of time for golf, skiing and other fun activities.  Pat and I bought a summer home on a lake in Michigan about 130 miles from our home in Palos Park and we spend a lot of time there in the summer.  I'd have to say that retirement is great and I highly recommend it.


Looking back I would have to say that I have had a good life and I believe that the foundation for that life was built during my four years at Bogan.