Durante, Marilyn (Bill)*

6508 W. 180th Street
Tinley Park, IL 60477

Wally & Marilyn

I worked as a speech pathologist in communication disorders, in Tinley Park and Orland Park for about 35 years. I loved this field because of the variety of problems and ages. But my heart has really always been deep in animal rescue. For nearly 23 years, I volunteered for P.A.W.S. Animal Shelter in Tinley Park, doing everything from cleaning cages to working on fund raising events, to serving on the Board of Directors, including President.

Most recently, I served for 6 years as full-time volunteer Medical Coordinator for Dogs. This has been the most rewarding! While some of our neediest dogs came to us on transports from hurricane Katrina, Kentucky, or Arkansas, some of the worst cases we ever saw came from right here in Tinley, Orland, and a Peotone puppy mill. Mange, parvo, gunshot wounds, heartworm, extreme neglect, and animals hit by cars. Unbelievable!

I have been very lucky to have a great guy, Wally, to share my life with. We've had a couple of great families of dogs and cats, and worked together on many shelter projects. For 25 years, we have belonged to Tinley Park's Sister City program, where I am a currently a Commissioner. We've hosted several families from Germany, and traveled all over Europe with our friends.

Below are the only two pets Wally and I now have.


Wally and Malcolm
Malcolm is 120 lbs. and has been a blood donor dog several times.

Liesl, fostered at 24 hours old, then adopted.