Carrick, Fred*

Deceased - 2009

Note from Nancy Carrick

Fred passed away on Dec. 1st 2009 from cancer. He didn't feel well, but put off going to the doctor and went into the hospital Nov. 6, 2009 we brought him home on Nov. 27, 2009 and he passed away at home on Dec. 1, 2009 with our three boys, my daughter-in-law, me by his side. 

We were married for 28 years and his passing was just so rough for all of us. Our youngest son was a senior in high school, our middle son 20, and our oldest 27 when Fred died. Fortunately, he was able to spend lots of time with the boys coaching them in sports, especially football, and worked as a coach at our high school (Cathedral City, CA) part time along with his job in the restaurant business. We miss him each and every day, but our oldest son and his wife blessed us with a grandson April 20, 1013, Logan Kinsey Carrick, and he brought sunshine back into our lives. I've attached some pics. The wedding took place in San Diego on July 31, 2009 just a few months before Fred got sick. Left to right, Chris, Nancy R.K., Denae, Fred, and Brandon. The picture of Fred in the booth at football was during a game in 1998 and he was calling plays. He also coached the offensive line for the varsity team for 8 years and loved every minute of it. The last pic is last week of me and Logan. 

Fred, calling plays - 1998

L to R - Chris, Nancy, R K, Denae, Fred & Brandon


Fred & Nancy's Grandson, Logan Carrick