Byers, Gregg*

1479 Asbury Avenue
Winnetka, IL  60093

I've been retired for several years, actually retired a couple of times and kept
going back to work.  No more.  I've been married to Kathie Likey (June 1965)
since August 1969 after we both graduated from college.  I got drafted in
February 1970 but managed to avoid Viet Nam.  Returned to Chicago in early '72
with our first child, a son.  We added three more children after that who have
given us a total of 10 grandchildren.  Fortunately, 6 of them are close by.  We
moved to London in 1981.  I was involved in the international financial markets
for Bank of America.  We had a great time as a family, traveling extensively. 
After 3 years we returned to the U.S., California this time.  Returned to the
Chicago area 2 years later and moved to Wilmette, where we still live, although
we're now in a condo on the lake. Downsizing has been a challenge but we're
getting there.  We have spent the last 3 winters in Mexico since building a
small home near Guadalajara.  The weather is great and we have many
American/Canadian neighbors and really enjoy the local culture.  The rest of the
year is spent between Wilmette and our summer home in Michigan, which we've
owned for 32 years.