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During the Spring Break, I decided to retire.  So since that time, my concentration has been, not only on teaching, but all the retirement steps through which one must go.  If I had known how time-consuming it was to just retire, I may have considered it'd be easier to just keep teaching for another couple years!

At any rate, my sons Darren and Kevin, my daughter Sara, and my son-in-law Sean all attended the District's Retirement Dinner/Dance which was a lot of fun!  Then there was the end of the school year with the activities and parents wanting to express their appreciation.  Last weekend, my daughter hosted a Retirement party at my home with my CA friends who I've known for the 45 years I've been here plus some 'newer' friends from the last 30 years!  That, too, was a lot of fun, and just made me feel even more excited about the future adventures I will now have.  (The picture I think I attached was from last weekend's home party.)

I will close looking forward with anticipation to the Fabulous Fiftieth Reunion! 





Christmas 2011


May this note find you and your family happy, healthy, and joyfully looking forward to 2012!


Thank you for your cards and notes which I will be re-reading once again before the year ends. (Christmas vaction is the 2 weeks after Christmas; guess I'll need to retire to get cards out earlier!)  I have thirty 2nd graders; most of whom can read.  Overall, a nice group.


There were no family weddings to attend this year, no plane trips anywhere.  However, I did go beach camping in August with some of the original camping families.  We returned to our favorite site-El Capitan State Beach, north of Santa Barbara.


After driving my Nissan Sentra for 15 years, I finally got myself a new Prius which I'll love even more when I get an interpreter for the 5 or 6 instructional manuals! (I'm not a techie!)


Son Darren's last big credit was in "The Last Play at Shea" (Billy Joel concert at the closing of the stadium).  Son Kevin continues working in post-production sound as well.  Sara got a promotion; and her hubby Sean has been traveling for his job.  So we are thankful for the blessing of our continued employment.


Granddaughters Addison (4) and Samantha (2) are a big part of my life; I'm lucky to spend a lot of time with them since they live close by.  They alternate from absolutely adorable to...well, you know.


May God Bless us with heathy families, continued friendships, and thankful hearts.




Christmas 2010


Hello from someone who just can never get Christmas greetings out on time!  Blame it on work.  I don't "get into the holiday mood" till I lock up Room 15.  Speaking of school, our state budget has cost me 5 "furlough" days without pay, a decrease in medical benefits, and a class size of 30 (against NCLB directives of 20-1).  But I'm not complaining (much) because I still have my job, my home, my church, my dog, and most importantly.....my family!

Granddaughters Addison (3) and Samantha (1) are the joy and sunshine in my life!  I won't do the Grandma brag - but they are just delightful little people!  Parents Sara and Sean provide a warm, loving, and spiritual home for these little gifts from God.

Son Darren had a very successful year with the premier of "Last Play at Shea," a documentary about the two-night Billy Joel concert at the closing of N.Y's Shea Stadium.  He received a well-deserved credit in the movie.

Son Kevin continues to work at the post-production sound studio supervising the use of the studios and interfacing with the clients.

My summer travels found me, once again, in the Mid-West in July (even after I vowed I'd never return in the summer after my miserably hot Aug. '09 trip!)  Started out in So. Ill. staying with cousin Linda and Bill.  Even in 100 degree heat we toured from St. Louis to Champaign ("GO ILLINI!") and up to Chicago for the wedding of cousin Susan and Richard's son.  Then I spent a couple days with the Barnett Family visiting with "Mom", cousin Toni, and dear friend, Linda, who drove in from Valparaiso.  Then I hopped a commuter train and spent a couple days with college roomie, Elaine and Jerry in their downtown Chi-town condo.  Got my second look at Millennium Park and a quick visit to U of ICC for another memory lane trip and lots of walking on State Street.

So, Dear Friends, it's been a good year!  I'll end with best wishes for all of us to have a wonderful 2011!


Mother's Day 2006.  Darren - 33, Sara - 30, and Kevin is 27.  Sara will be getting married this October (Yea!).  I'll finally have an "empty nest."  The boys live together in Burbank, CA.  My school year has ended, so I'm FREE for the summer!  (another Yea!)

This is only my 15th year teaching first grade.  No retirement in the near future!  I have three unmarried adult children and no grandkids.  Southern California has been my home for 35 years.  I love being 20 minutes from the ocean or 2 hours from the mountains or deserts.  This year I won a Civic Pride award for the landscaping I did in my front yard.  Most weekends find me digging in the dirt!