From Joe LaMantia

I've been doing what I call Collaborative Sculpture for the last thirteen years.  I work with schools and communities developing collaborative works of art.  What is so exciting for me is that I work with the whole school.  And the parents (particularly in Elementary Schools) are very actively involved.  I essentially brainstorm with students, teachers and parents to get their ideas.  What I do then, is design the project with their ideas.  And I thank my Bogan drafting teacher for his encouragement in believing I had some talent in architecture.  (I also took three years of architecture in college of ICCC, but finally got my degree in Art Education).  I like to think that the art I do is one of inclusion.  And I leave the students, parents and teachers with a sense of pride of true ownership….because they did it.

I've enclosed two websites that you can download to view some of the sculptures I've facilitated.

The first is the link to the Glenns Valley Villagers' Bell Tower video which shows the project from start to finish 

……and, below is a website that will show you six projects that I have facilitated

Thank you for allowing me to share these with you.  Joe