Vacations - Yvonne Kampf Kolling

Mike and I went on two vacations this year.  The first was to California in January.  We went to San Francisco and then up to Napa Valley .  My first trip ever to California and  I really enjoyed both phases of the trip.  San Francisco is an amazing city except for the driving.  I was a wreck unless we were on foot.  Can't imagine how car brakes last for more than a month or so in that city. 

The trip to Napa was awesome, even though we probably went at the worst possible time in the growing cycle.  Although there wasn't anything resembling grapes….or even vines yet, there was still plenty of wine.  So….what else do you need?  We stayed in two bed & breakfasts and loved both of them. We toured 9 or 10 wineries and learned a lot about wines. We hope to go again one of these days, maybe closer to harvest time.

The second vacation we took was in April and this was probably my all time favorite vacation, (with the possible exception of the wild and crazy vacation I took to Miami Beach with Barb Cosich, when we were both around 20 or so.)  Anyway, in April, Mike and I decided to go to Punta Cana (in the Dominican Republic ).  The trip was offered through the radio station The Mix (WTMX) (Eric & Kathy).  The radio station goes "on the road" every so often and this time it was to Punta Cana. Eric & Kathy and the crew were down there for two days and did their morning broadcasts right on the beach among the sand and palm trees with the ocean as their back drop.  They set up a stage and also set up about 100 lounge chairs for the Chicago group in front of the stage.  If you're familiar with The Eric & Kathy Show, you know that they are fun and crazy… and the broadcasts were a blast.  The hotel was all inclusive and absolutely incredible.  We had a great time and would go back there in a minute.  So…we've had a busy and enjoyable first part of 2006.   



Sterling Vineyard - Napa Valley
We took a gondola up to this beautiful winery. The view was incredible.




The WTMX Radio Broadcast   

Eric & Kathy in Punta Cana

Mike & I at a Japanese restaurant at the Sunscape Hotel

Pool Bar (our favorite place)