Mini Reunion-Sue, Karon & Jackie

Email from Sue Iorio Hofer

Last night I had the most amazing evening/dinner with Karon White Gibson and Jackie Fasano Bartolini at the Flame in Countryside.  It was Karon's doing that got us together and we had such a good time going through the yearbooks and trying to remember who everyone was.  Mary Ella Kohler was supposed to join us and couldn't make it so we are going to do it again soon.  I saw Jackie at the reunion but wasn't able to have a long conversation with her.  Last night we were able to talk about our lives for the last 40 years.

I never really saw anyone from Bogan after graduation because I went away to school and then moved to DuPage County when I married.  The last person I saw was Annette Harvey in 1969 when she was a patient having a baby at the hospital where I was working as a nurse in OB.