Comments & News from Karon White Gibson

We had another reunion at the Flame with Sue Ioria Hofer, Karon White Gibson, Jackie Fasano Bartolini, Mary Ella Koehler and Olga Antonopoulos.  The group keeps growing and it is fun to catch up.

My "This is Your Life Birthday Bash" for my Halloween birthday was attended by Sue Iorio, Jackie Fasano, Olga Antonopoulos, Wayne and Peggy Muscolino Kneipp and Dave Strandberg.  The theme was NOTABLE LEGACY-A new journal developed by a friend and available at Notable  A great band, the, performed 50s and 60s music at the Praire Bluff Golf Club in Cresthill where the food created by Mike Berris, was fantastic.  A great place to throw any party or a Bogan Reunion.